Women in the Workforce Panel

Session Title:

Women in the Workforce

Session Outline:

This panel of successful chiropractors will delve into the concepts of women in the chiropractic workforce. All of the panel members have chosen a diverse range of pathways in their professional lives as women in this workforce. The panel session will explore some of the personal and professional challenges they faced and/or continue to face on the journey. Also the diverse range of options available to women in chiropractic in terms of their work. Panel members will share from their own experience and that of others they have supported. The panel will also seek to outline support structures and systems in our profession to enable satisfying outcomes for women in the profession.

The panel includes Drs Genevieve Keating, Jacqueline Elkins-Pole, Katherine Moss and Paula Stacey-Thomas.

No Formal Learning is attached to this session.