Mark Werman

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The Top 10 Employmnet Legal Minefields of Chiropractic Practice

Join Mark Werman for this not-to-miss session to find out what to do to avoid the Top 10 Employment Legal Minefields of Chiropractic Practice. Mark, who heads-up the CAA Chiropractors’ HR Service, knows about HR issues in chiropractic practice and the problems that often arise. He’s been advising chiropractors on these issues for the past seven years – and during this time, he and his team of workplace relations advisers have been running the CAA Chiropractors’ HR Service.

The employment relationship is fraught with danger and for those practices who are unprepared and uninformed, is potentially one of the most litigious areas of running your practice. Sadly, chiropractors continue to be exposed to these employment legal minefields. Make sure that you are not one of those many practices who continue to be caught-out by attending this highly informative session. Well-known for his interesting and engaging presentations, Mark’s use of actual chiropractic case-studies, teaches you, in a most practical way, how to protect your practice from employment law risk.

Among the employment legal minefields to be addressed are:

  • Terminating employment for unsatisfactory performance and serious misconduct
  • The employee v contractor confusion
  • Workplace bullying risk
  • Sexual harassment & discrimination law exposure
  • Ineffective HR systems – including poor workplace policies, ineffective performance appraisal and out-of-date job descriptions

Save your practice from penalties, fines, damages and massive back-pay obligations – and save yourself from the enormous psychological trauma and stress caused by defending these claims by joining Mark Werman for this must-attend session.



Mark Werman Conf18After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, Mark moved into the field of workplace relations and human resources over 25 years ago. In 1991 Mark was part of the establishment of the HR Consulting Division at BDO Chartered Accountants and Advisers and in 1992 Mark completed his Master of Commerce Degree in Human Resources (UNSW).

In 2002, Mark negotiated a management buyout of the division from BDO, becoming the Managing Director of Wentworth Human Resources.

As a result of an expansion in the range of client services and a recent re-branding initiative, Mark now heads up Wentworth Advantage and runs a team of human resources, industrial relations and business management specialists who provide quality, innovative solutions to a broad range of clients, in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Wentworth Advantage is the provider of the CAA HR Advisory Service.