Belinda Reynolds, Valentina Musuruca and Dr Paul Bergamo

Session Title:

Nutritional Nuggets for Ageing Well

As we age, our body changes. Unfortunately, the function of the body starts to decline and many changes that accompany ageing can impair nutritional status. Among physiological changes, hormonal activity can alter body composition, immune system changes can raise the risk of infections, gut digestion and absorption can be less efficient and even tooth loss can limit food choices. Psychosocial factors like depression, financial changes like income loss and social changes such as isolation can alter the nutrition status of the elderly person.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Neuroscience assessment eg MMSE combined with other nutrition type assessments of the elderly
  • Ageing physiology - sarcopaenia, BDNF, oxidative stress, insulin resistance, neurotransmitter imbalance, neuroinflammation and mitochondrial  dysfunction
  • Foods – what fundamental dietary health plan helps with longevity
  • Bredesen Protocol – what is this about?
  • Nutritional Management and lifestyle changes to slow down neurodegeneration
  • Practical integration and applications to think about in chiropractic practice



BelindaReynoldsImageBelinda Reynolds BScNut&Diet(Hon)
Belinda trained as a Dietitian, and for the last fourteen years has been working for BioCeuticals, who manufacture and deliver high quality integrative medicines to healthcare practitioners,  She is currently the Education Manager for BioCeuticals and has lectured at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) and Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM), contributed nutrition-related articles to a variety of publications, and has been a guest speaker at a number of industry events.


valentinaMusurucaImageValentina Musuruca (MPharm, MPS)
Valentina trained as a Clinical Pharmacist and is currently National Field Manager for BioCeuticals. Valentina brings a wealth of knowledge, practical advice and understanding to be shared with health professionals of how to safely and accurately prescribe nutritional and herbal therapies alongside pharmaceuticals to better client health outcomes.


DrPaulBergamoDr Paul Bergamo B App Sc (Clin Sci); B C Sc (Chiro); Grad Dip Health Sci (Nutrition) DACNB
Dr Bergamo is a chiropractor with a Graduate Diploma of Nutrition from Deakin University and is Chair of the ACA Nutrition Interest Group. Paul has been the nutrition lecturer for nine years, teaching RMIT chiropractic students and is a current nutrition lecturer for CQU.