Paul Haas

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Innovations in taping to assist the ageing athlete and patient

Taping for patient improvements has been a tool of the health professional for many years. However the various taping tools have developed significantly over the years yet most practitioners having acknowledged or capitalised on these advancements and innovations. Taping for the ageing athlete and patient can assist in many sporting and chronic disease conditions with a key focus on ensuring complete movement and range of motion but with the capacity to decrease load, assist mobility, fluid dynamics and decrease pain. This session should not be missed.  All attendees will receive a roll of vesion 2 advance tape.



paul haasMr Paul Haas has been a sports physiotherapist for 18 years based out of Melbourne Victoria.  His earlier career was developing and managing the high performance elite gymnastics program for WAG Gym in Melbourne with a number of his female gymnasts representing Australia at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth and World Championships.

Paul spent a number of years as physiotherapist for the AFL TAC cup program for the Eastern Ranges. He has previously lectured around Australia on the assessment and management of hip/groin pain in the 00’s and developed a number of rehab programs commonly use in clinics today. He also lectured for the level 3 Sports Physio Masters Course at Latrobe University.

Paul owns Bounce Health Group and now heads up the clinical and research team at Strapit Sports Tape - an Australian Brand. He lectures all over the world on taping principles and applications and will present on innovations in taping and relevant applications for the ageing patient and population.