Dr Tim Maggs

Session Titles:

1.  Cause and Cure for the Opioid Crisis

Learning Outcomes:

This session will cover what key factors that are causing the opioid crisis, how chiropractic can play a part in the solution and look at the atlas operating system.

2.  The Structural Fingerprint Exam

Learning Outcomes:

This session will look into the inclusion of a digital foot scan and x-rays in a biomechanical exam, what x-rays should be considered on every new patient and how to determine an anatomical short leg.

3.  More Accurate Diagnosis for More Accurate Tx

Learning Outcomes:

Dr Maggs will talk on 3 phases of musculoskeletal injury, how imaging plays a role in the diagnosis and why chiropractic is the leading choice for most musculoskeletal care.



DrTimMaggsImageDr Tim Maggs has been in practice for 40 years, and now specialises in the evaluation, care and treatment of the middle and high school athlete. He is currently the Director of Sports Biomechanics for Christian Brothers Academy in Albany, N.Y., and continues to educate the families at CBA about the importance of biomechanics with his Structural Management® Program.  Dr Maggs encourages all student/athletes to go through a Structural Fingerprint® Exam prior to each season to determine the biomechanical faults and consider proactive corrective measures.

Dr Maggs is also the developer of The Concerned Parents of Young Athletes™ Program, a program designed to raise the awareness of sports biomechanics. His website, www.CPOYA.com, is now the national website for all chiropractors who wish to be part of The Concerned Parents of Young Athletes™ Providers Network, a Network designed to help chiropractors get into high schools and learn all of the protocols, marketing and knowledge needed to be the best in their communities. There is no charge for a chiropractor to join, they will be listed on the national website and provided a password to “The Library”, where all training and marketing information will be available.

Dr Maggs’ goal is for all middle and high school athletes in this country and abroad to receive a biomechanical exam prior to each season, and the key is to have qualified doctors available to provide these exams.